25 Mar

Read this somewhere today.. Depression is not wanting to burden the people you do have to talk to. 

Haha, does it mean that I’m depressed? 

Just leave

23 Mar

hello space, its been awhile. there’s so much going on that I don’t really know where to begin from. 

where’s the joy I once had? 

somehow, i wish you will just go. the consequences are too much for me to bear. 




18 Nov

Still thinking of you, buddy. Hope all is well for you.

I miss you so much.


6 Nov

I miss you my friend. There’s so much I want to share with you but you’re no longer here. If it weren’t for His calling and His purpose, I’d have bought an one way ticket out of here. Quit telling me that I should start making plans for myself.. Because you don’t understand how difficult it is to hold it all together. You have no idea how painful were those disappointments.

im really tired. I just want to be left alone.




4 Nov

Hold me close, lest I forget how it feels.
Perhaps she is right, we have to work it out soon. Sometimes, I wish things can be easier for me. I’m struggling between two sides.

Then again, it is Him who has the final say.

Thank you for trying, I really appreciate you for that.


30 Oct

You know, after awhile, you stop wondering. you stop asking yourself questions. you just let things be.

And this scares me, because I’m losing you a little each day and I/you don’t even know.

Perhaps I really do need a getaway.



XYZ : Bangkok

30 Oct

What better way to end off the dreadful Oct at Land of Smiles with my XYZ girls


Thank you girls for the 3.5 days of madness shopping, eating, walking, sleeping, laughing, talking.. and not forgetting, my mini bday celebration! Am really surprised! I thought you girls just want to make me eat some more. hahaha! Couldn’t be any happier with a yummy waffle, heartfelt card, 70th lighted candles, and you girls.



Mango sticky rice & Oyster Omelette from Platinum Mall Foodcourt! Nom nom nom



 On our way to Chatchuchak Market on a Pink Burberry Taxi! burberryCoconut icecream 😀



Went to T&K Seafood at Chinatown, just look at the queue.. gosh! But the food was really worth the wait, love the succulent prawns!!


Fat juicy grilled prawns


Som-Boon Seafood near MBK/National Stadium

Gotta try the curry crabs, grilled seabass, sotong, prawns tang hoon claypot!

curry seabass

Birthday surprise came early this year, haha

A heartfelt card and surprise, makes me happy. XYZ, Thank you.


happier days are here to come

25 Oct

I pray that happier days are coming my way. Can’t wait for Oct month to end already. It hasn’t been easy, but thank you Father for your grace.. Your grace is more than sufficient for me.

I really enjoyed myself tonight. Thank you for your time, and your love. It means a lot to me.

As much as they like me, at the end of the day, it is you that matters the most.

Happier days are here to come. xx