happier days are here to come

25 Oct

I pray that happier days are coming my way. Can’t wait for Oct month to end already. It hasn’t been easy, but thank you Father for your grace.. Your grace is more than sufficient for me.

I really enjoyed myself tonight. Thank you for your time, and your love. It means a lot to me.

As much as they like me, at the end of the day, it is you that matters the most.

Happier days are here to come. xx



23 Oct

“You are an amazing creature. You deserve to be loved until your insides melt. Don’t give up on all the things you want. When you meet the right person you will have zero doubt in your mind. Zero”

I thought I met him. 😦

Feeling doubtful tonight.

I’m really tired.

Sometimes, I feel like throwing in the towel and just buy myself a one-way ticket to somewhere. Anywhere.

once more

23 Oct

There are so much I wish you could say to me once more.



20 Oct

Waiting – is this the first lesson we learn about love? Waiting for someone, Waiting for the right one, Waiting..

You imagine every possible scenario, every possible conversation, and you feel nervous as the day goes by. This nervous feeling you get while waiting for a loved one to arrive,  this nervous feeling you get from the uncertainty you are about to embrace.

“The hours of waiting have been transformed into tension, the tension has become fear, and the fear makes you embarrassed about showing affection.” ― Paulo CoelhoBy the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept

God, calm my nerves. Steady my heart.

Let the good times roll!

20 Oct


This is how we roll


One of the best nights I’ve had in a long time. Nothing beats great company, laughter, with every single one of you. Thank you for the great night guys.. I guess we were all mindblown. hahaha

Last but not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY YX!!

Your Love Amazing

19 Oct

Flashbacks, heartaches, they were sucking the life out of me for the entire day. Faces from the past emerged into reality, I was a little surprised to see you at office today. But God, You heard me, and You were with me. I couldn’t have got through today without You.

You have no idea how much I needed You today. Thank You for being here with me.

I know I won’t be defeated just like this. I’m glad I changed my mind and took offering today. I’m glad I did.

As long as it pleases you Lord, I am willing.

There is nothing like Your Love.


I’m glad and thankful that things are going well for you too, keeping you in my prayers always. 🙂


18 Oct

“Yes, my mind was wandering. I wished I were there with someone who could bring peace to my heart someone with whom I could spend a little time without being afraid that i would lose him the next day. With that reassurance, the time would pass more slowly. We could be silent for a while because we’d know we had the rest of our lives together for conversation. I wouldn’t have to worry about serious matters, about difficult decisions and hard words.” 
― Paulo CoelhoBy the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept